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Shuffleboard is as much a game of skill as it is chance. In the most common version, players compete to outscore their opponents by sliding weighted pucks down a beautiful wooden block into a scoring area at the opposite end of the table.

Player’s alternate “sending” the biscuits with the aim of getting as many into the scoring zones as possible. Scores are counted only after all eight (four each) pucks have been shot and the puck must be wholly inside the scoring zone to register – those touching the line do not count.

The winner is the first to reach a pre-defined target, usually 75 points, or the player with the highest score after 10 complete rounds, whichever comes first. If both players reach 75 on the same turn then the player with the highest score shall be the winner.

Rules of the game:

The player to go first is decided by a coin toss and then the player who scored highest in the previous round goes first.Players shoot one puck at a time and take alternate goes.

One smooth continuous forward motion must be used to shoot the puck and no “hook” shots are allowed.Playing another player’s disc receives a 10-point penalty.

Player must wait until the preceding player’s biscuit is stationary before playing their shot.Play begins at alternating end’s, so you start at the end of the court at which the previous game finished.

£12 for 30 minutes

up to 6 people

£19.99 for 1 hour

up to 6 people
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